Being in lockdown has given us all time to think about our homes and how we live in them. One question you may have asked yourself is ‘What could I do to add value?’.

The pandemic put a ban on viewing properties and moving home which brought the housing market to a standstill. These rules have now eased, but the market itself is understandably shaky.

The Bank of England’s Chief Economist has actually predicted a sharp V-shaped downturn, which means that the economy could rebound quickly.

On the same day (26 May 2020) Knight Frank announced that it had seen a surge in demand for UK property in the first full week of trading since the market reopened.

So, while you may not feel it’s the best time to sell right now, it could be a great time to make improvements to increase the value of your home for when the house prices bounce back!

Alternatively, perhaps you are in a position to buy a property now prices have dropped, and you want to make the most out of that investment?

Either way, your property is probably one your biggest assets, so it needs serious thought.

KDR’s Top 5

1) Work with an architectural designer (like us)

A well-designed home will always be worth more. You will also have the peace of mind that your project has been meticulously planned with long-term value, improved functionality, liveability and efficiency front of mind.

Good design will ensure it looks fantastic and you are getting the most out of your living spaces – no one wants to pay heating and maintenance costs for a space that isn’t used!

At KDR, we listen and really understand your aspirations, so we can create a plan that is specific to you. We don’t just bolt on another room like an awkward extra limb. We also take care of building regulation compliance. This normally requires the submission of plans, permissions, and inspections at key stages of the build by the local authority.

We know that this can sometimes seem overwhelming as well as exciting, that’s why we support you throughout the project and offer all the expert guidance you need.

5 ways to add value to your home plans

2) Add an extra bedroom / loft conversion

A survey conducted by Zoopla last year found that converting your loft to create an extra bedroom had the biggest impact on a property’s value. Most attics can be easily converted, which offers an extra bedroom for growing families. We have also had clients utilise this space to create the ultimate master suite away from the rest of the house. How good does that sound?

5 ways to improve bedrooms

3) Upgraded kitchen and extension

Next on our list of would be to make the most of your kitchen / dining areas with a single or double storey extension (and add a bedroom or office on top). Open plan living is very desirable, especially combining the kitchen with dining and family area. The big win with these being combined is that it is so social! It connects families, can make a small space feel bigger and lets in so much light!

new kitchen

4) Extra bathroom extension

Dreaming of a peaceful bath without the kids banging on the door needing to use the bathroom? When it comes to families, a house with two bathrooms will always surpass a house with one, so this is a great way to increase the value of your home as long as it is not at the expense of another important room in the house (like a bedroom). Adding a new bathroom is a lot of work and there are some costly mistakes that can be made without the right expertise. As we are focused on the overall design and functionality of the additional bathroom, we can spot potential problems before they even effect the renovation. We bring together the functionality, aesthetics, good design practises and compliance so you can actually relax!

5 ways to add value bathroom

5) Prioritise practicality

We mentioned earlier about making every square foot count. It’s easy to forget an unused room, but this underused space could be the hidden gem that adds value to your home. The KDR team will provide you with detailed working drawings and written specifications that will help you visualise what could be done. Re-zone rooms in your home to change the layout, convert your garage into living space, relocate a staircase, raise ceilings to the roof line or add a balcony.

5 ways to add value balcony

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