TV home improvement shows can be the source for great ideas, but they can also leave you with the impression that all renovations can be done in a week. What you don’t see are the months of essential planning beforehand. A successful renovation relies on detailed preparation and well-drawn plans that highlight the potential pitfalls and challenges that lie ahead.

Here are six home renovation mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Lacking the big picture

It’s important to spend time planning your renovation and to consider every aspect of it. Any structural additions should complement your property and the neighbourhood to support your home’s resale value. If you can, start with the outside and consider such things as the gutters or roof. It’s a shame to install a lovely new floor if your roof is then likely to leak. 

An architectural design expert can help you bring all the elements of your vision into a coherent whole, unlock the potential of a space you may have missed, and raise any structural or safety issues before you embark on your project.

Clogged up gutter

2. Starting a project too quickly

The prospect of enhancing your home or making a new property more to your taste is tantalising, but it’s important not to rush into things. Live with the space you want to change for at least two months to get a clear sense of how it can best serve your needs. If you are looking to extend your kitchen, consider, for instance, the workflow between the fridge, sink and oven to make sure the functionality of your new design will use the space efficiently. A design expert can ensure form does not neglect function by helping you to consider your lifestyle and how the flow of your home can support and enhance your daily requirements. 

Kitchen Extension

3. Using the wrong measurements

It’s vital that your renovations are based on correct measurements. You may find the appliances you’ve already ordered won’t fit properly or that the desired furniture won’t pass easily through hallways. Will that coveted new sofa fit through the front door, or even fit in the space it’s intended for? Inaccurate plans can have major repercussions, resulting in poor fits and the extra cost of reordered materials.

Wrong measurements

4. Working with an unrealistic budget

Calculating the cost of any renovation, whether it’s large or small, can be complicated. Underestimating your budget for building costs can result in delays and regrettable compromises. An architectural expert can produce working drawings that provide you with a detailed plan, including any structural changes and floor plans, that enable builders and contractors to provide you with more accurate quotes. A vague proposal will simply result in confusingly varied budget estimates. 

5. Making too many changes

Changing one’s mind about a design as a renovation progresses can result in a lot more work, time and cost. Even adding or moving a light switch at the last minute could prove expensive. A professionally drawn plan that has already considered every detail can avoid such changes. These working drawings can also act as a reference point for builders and contractors. They also provide a focus for establishing a timeline that includes the list of items needed to be purchased and the deadlines for when decisions have to be made.

KDR Floor Plans

6. Not having Planning Permission

Expert guidance ensures that the project you’re contemplating will comply with building regulations and, if needed, local authority or building control approval. Completed projects without the required planning permission can affect the resale value of a property and lead to expensive alterations or even being dismantled. Professionally drawn designs can be used in submissions for planning permission, which design experts like ourselves can submit and monitor on your behalf.

KDR Architectural has a wealth of experience in home design and the expertise to ensure your renovation project is well-prepared for the decisions and challenges ahead.


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