With England’s second national lockdown now in force, we wanted to reassure our clients that all our services are continuing as usual in accordance with the Government’s ‘Working safely during coronavirus (Covid-19)’ guidelines.

We can continue to carry out measurement survey’s for clients in residential properties wanting a house extension or loft conversion. Our team wear face masks, protective gloves, use hand sanitiser and have disinfectant wipes to rub down surfaces. We ensure that we keep the recommended 2-metre distance at all times. In fact, we can measure in one part of the house, while the client is in another room entirely. We ask that all clients wipe down surfaces before our arrival and cancel the appointment if they feel unwell.

With the construction industry remaining open, we are continuing our architectural design services for builders, and developers as normal with protective measures in place.

Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to speak with our clients on the phone, via email or video conferences, attend remote design meetings, and maintain productivity.

Our focus is to keep design project schedules running to time as much as possible. We are monitoring all work schedules closely and will keep you fully informed of any issues that may arise following these latest lockdown measures.

We would like to thank our clients and suppliers for their support during this time and look forward to meeting you all again soon when the situation has improved.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kevin Todd on 07973 227925 or email: kevintodd@kdr.org.uk

Our full Covid-19 policy can be viewed here