Taking inside outside

Now that spring is just around the corner, the days are warming up a little and your garden is starting to bud, how good does your own little sanctuary away from the main house sound?  Would having some extra space outside make day-to-day life a little easier for you and your family?

As we have all had to adapt to staying at home more, it’s important that our home environments are flexible enough to be able to cope with our needs.

You can achieve this with a versatile garden room! These lend themselves to just about any living space. So, if you have the space in your garden, then we have the know-how both in terms of optimal design and space utilisation, and permissions.


Do I need planning permission?

If the garden room falls within the Permitted Development guidelines, then it will not require planning permission. However, to be under the permitted development rules it has to meet certain criteria in terms of size, location and use. There are also other restrictions which are dependent on the specifics of your current dwelling, such as if you live in a flat, if your house is listed or within a conservation area.

We have the expertise to guide you through any permissions required. We will give you the professional advice based on your individual requirements and submit planning and building regulation applications on your behalf. In any case, don’t be worried about planning permissions as often for garden rooms they can be very straightforward.

Here are some ideas for how to use a garden room:

Media / TV / music / kids room 

Garden rooms aren’t just for summer. Close the doors, and cosy up in your own TV and games room, or you could use the space as a dedicated music room for you and your children to practise without disturbing the main house. It could even be a place to send the kids to play, so you can get some peace and tranquillity.

music room in the garden
Hobby Studio in garden

Hobby Studio

Perhaps you are into crafting, art, or building model railways. Here is the perfect place to keep all of your hobby items together and a space you can utilise to your own needs. If you are currently trying to share the same dining room space with the rest of the family, this would be the ideal solution!


Let us help you design a practical workout space in your garden! Gyms have been closed due to lockdown, and when they are open, they can be really busy. Having your own gym at home, might just be the motivation you need to be more active (and it will save you the cost of expensive gym fees). There are some design issues around the height of the garden room especially if you want to include equipment such as cross trainers and running machines that elevate you, however, we know the legalities and permissions involved so are best placed to advise you when we come to the planning and design stage.

private gym in the garden
Home office in the garden

Home Office

It goes without saying, having a dedicated home office during Lockdown would have been extremely useful! If a house extension is too big a project for you right now, a good option would be to utilise the space a garden room would give you. In all circumstances, you should think about your home office as an asset. A home office will make your house more desirable if you choose to sell, especially with the trend towards remote working gathering pace – many more people will be looking for that extra space. Permitted development rules can permit a garden office without full planning application, but it does depend on your intended use. Contact us for the details of this.

Granny annexe or guest house for rental opportunities

Taking your garden room to the next level would be to use it as a granny annexe or a guest house. Building an annexe or converting an outbuilding, is a great way to add flexibility to your home life. It can be a very cost-effective alternative for an elderly relative who can’t keep up with the maintenance on a larger home, or to avoid the need to pay care home fees. It is also a great space for older children who may be priced out of the property market giving them an opportunity to save for a deposit, and a taster of living independently. If you then find they fly the nest, an annexe can even become an extra source of income if you choose to rent it out or using travel sites such as Airbnb. Talk to us first before you contact your local authority or start any works. Depending on what you need, we will be able to advise you on whether planning permission is required and draw up detailed plans.

granny annex in the garden


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Covid-19 Policy

We do adhere to a strict Covid-19 policy, however that doesn’t mean your plans have to go on hold. You can read them here https://www.kdr.org.uk/covid-19policy. Our priority is the health and safety for our clients and our team in each job we undertake.