When you think about getting away from it all, where does you mind wander? Are you envisaging relaxing by the sea, having a walk in the countryside, or taking a bike ride through a forest? It’s probably not an indoor activity. Yet, a survey by renowned bicycle manufacturer Ribble, reported that Brits spend up to 92% of their time indoors. And we are not alone, in America it’s reported to be 93%!

Biophilia is a theory that a person’s well-being, health and productivity is improved if you increase a person’s connectivity to the natural environment. It actually stems from the Greek word for ‘the love of living things.’  In building design, we can use the principles of biophilia to help bring the outside in with views to the garden, big windows for natural sunlight, integrating water and plant elements, and the use of natural materials like wood or stone. This has been shown to provide many positive health benefits from improving productivity to lowering stress.

When thinking about your home extension or build, why not incorporate biophilia design to energise you and your family while you are indoors? Here are some ideas:

Window to the world

Window to the World

Let the sunshine in

Let the sunshine in to your room

Use natural materials inside

Use natural materials inside

Take the inside… out

Take the inside out

Benefits of Biophilic Design

There are many benefits to biophilic design from the beautiful aesthetics it creates to its positive effects of an improved feeling of wellbeing. We’d love to share our ideas with you!  If you are interested in a free phone consultation, please give our expert Kevin Todd a call 07973 227925 or email: kevintodd@kdr.org.uk