The heatwave is coming! There’s a scorcher of one coming over the next week or so, which means homes without air conditioning installed will become oven-like during the day and at night. No matter how many windows you open, there’s typically very little airflow to speak of.

As we Brits are conditioned for cooler climates this makes for very uncomfortable living conditions.

Here are 6 easy top tips on how to keep your home cool in a heatwave:

1. Keep Those Curtains Shut All Day

On a sunny day, we typically open the windows and let in some fresh air; unfortunately, this can make things worse. Keeping your windows and curtains shut during the day can help prevent hot weather from entering your home. A solution for those wanting a heavier-duty option would be blackout blinds which will block off any unwanted sunlight from entering your house during peak hours of daylight.

2. Turn Your Hot Water Bottle into a Cold-Water Bottle

Hot water bottles can be used throughout the year – not just during those frosty days of winter. All you need to do is fill your hot water bottle with some cold tap water and put it in the freezer overnight. In less than 24 hours, it will be transformed into an ice pack that provides relief from whatever ails you have, no matter what time of year!

3. Create an Ice Fan

When the weather starts to get hotter, an electric fan may feel like the only way to cool down. But there’s one simple hack you can do to make it even more effective at maintaining a comfortable environment; put a bowl of ice in front of it! As the ice evaporates and releases its coldness into the air – you’ll find yourself feeling surprisingly fresh.

4. Keep Cool in Cotton

Avoid sleeping in light-coloured satin or silk sheets. Instead, swap these for lighter-coloured cotton sheets which will be cooler to sleep on. Sheets made of natural fibres like cotton are very cooling. Opt for cotton sheets with a percale weave, as it feels crisp and tends to be more breathable.

5. Freeze Your Sheets

So, hot water bottles are not the only things that you can put in a freezer to help with staying cool. Have you ever tried placing your sheets in there a few minutes before going to bed? Put them in a plastic bag beforehand so that you don’t get any food smells in your bedroom! This technique isn’t long-lasting, but it will provide some relief from the heat.

6. Sleep on the Ground Floor… or even the Floor!

Some people might find this advice outrageous, but if you’re really having trouble sleeping at night during the heatwave, then it’s probably best to move downstairs and sleep on the sofa. To be even cooler, try moving your bedding to the floor. Since hot air rises, your body will cool down a lot faster when you’re lower down. 

We hope these tips help you to stay cool over the next couple of weeks!

From the KDR Architectural Team x